Zulu Pearls -Lightweight | Album Ringtones

When the idea of having the incoming calls unique strikes, the ringtones always grab the mind. Whether it is a simple ringtone or a fully customized one, ringtones make those calls even more blissful every time.

Zulu Pearls -Lightweight

Many ringtones come as default; however, there is another world out there to grab even unique ringtones. Albums, for example, are great when you can’t find some most popular ringtones or songs, albums always help.

Zulu Pearls -Lightweight is one of the songs of the album Singles Deluxe that always wins the heart with their incomparable lyrics and beats that feel just right whenever you listen to. In this scenario, no one should compromise leaving an album like this. Downloading any song or the one that suits your mood and setting that as your ringtone is always just a click away. 

Every album comes with some songs and at least one always feels captivating to listen to again and again. For a reference, you can explore the “Zulu Pearls Singles Deluxe” collection and see which one catches your thoughts.

The ringtone whether you create for all incoming calls or a specific contact, it all depends on you. However, phones nowadays provide the flexibility to set two tunes at a time: a common one for all the contacts and a different one for specific people.

Here is the Zulu Pearls Singles Deluxe collection that you should explore using the link given below:

  • Safe Things
  • Lightweight
  • Boss of Your Heart
  • Not Like the Others
  • Get Free
  • Safe Things (Zulu Pearls Remix)
  • Lightweight (Dirty Beaches Ft. Sapphire Slows Remix)
  • Boss of Your Heart (Johnny Bye-Bye Remix)
  • Not Like the Others (Young Marco Remix)
  • Get Free (Svart Express Remix)

These are two of the links where you can listen to the songs or consider download them. Later, you can set them as your phone’s ringtone once you have them downloaded into your phone.

You can directly access these songs by visiting Settings of your Android phone and go to Sounds and Notifications. There click on Ringtones and select your Sim; scroll down to the bottom and click List. This would represent you with all the songs on your phone and you can choose the one you want to set as your ringtone.

However, if you want a specific part of a song to ring every time, you need to download a song cutter or a ringtone maker. These apps are available on the official store of the Android – the PlayStore.

Using the app interface and the given options, you can easily cut a specific part and save it in your phone. Later, by using the same procedure, you can choose this edited file and it would be there as your new ringtone.

The process, however, differs if you use an iPhone or an iOS device. You need to use apps like GarageBand or iTunes to get the song into your phone’s library and from there you can set it as a common ringtone or for a specific contact.