Top 10 Zulu Pearls Songs To Set As Ringtone

Zulu Pearls songs

Zulu Pearls is a rock band that was formed in Washington D.C. the band is now active in Berlin and it is one of the sounds that can’t take a backseat. They are the leaders of lead guitar riff and their songs are majorly based on the retro rock. So, it is classy without being too old when it comes to Zulu Pearls.

Imagine having a ringtone from any of the band’s songs on your phone. Everything instantly seems so amazing every time that phone rings because it is the magic of ringtone that the band presents you with their beats.

Their every song has an indie-pop hint and the best riffs make it an addictive aura to listen to them. So whenever you want to have a unique ringtone that suits everyone out there so rightly, Zulu Pearls is the band you should look for.

Top 10 Zulu Pearls Songs To Set As Ringtone

Now, we are going to present you with the top 10 songs from the band that you can try having as your ringtone-

  • Safe Things
  • Lightweight
  • Boss of Your Heart
  • Not Like the Others
  • Get Free
  • Safe Things (Zulu Pearls Remix)
  • Lightweight (Dirty Beaches ft. Sapphire Slows Remix)
  • No Heroes No Honeymoons
  • Boss of Your Heart (Johnny Bye-Bye Remix)
  • Not Like the Others (Young Marco Remix)
  • Get Free (Svart Express Remix)

All these songs are available on the official domain of Zulu Pearls. You can have these files here:

As the band has more albums, you can find Zulu Pearls’s No Heroes No Honeymoons here: 

Why Is The Album So Special?

Well, you listen to their songs, and you get to know why it has to be the Zulu Pearls and not anything else. The retro rock theme sounds so addictive that it keeps it exciting every time you hear.

It is one of those hidden gems that have progressed so much more in what they do. They produce the music so well that it can make anyone become their devotee. At least, when you get dubious about which ringtone to set next, a song from Zulu Pearls can be your answer.

Many of their songs can be found online with just a Google search or you can search for the ringtones, particularly. Finding the ringtone speeds up the process of setting your new ringtone. However, if you want any specific timing of the song as your ringtone, then downloading the full song is the preferred way.

This way, by just downloading a song or ringtone trimmer or cutter, you become able to cut the exact part of the song you want as the ringtone. So, let’s the lyrics clear your confusion and go with the beats that interest you at the utmost.

Have the song or the ringtone file and set it on your device whether it is an Android or iPhone. Explore their more albums and listen to the songs before making your mind. Maybe you find lyrics you were looking for all these days. Zulu Pearls can set an end on your search!